Core Fundamentals

Read and understand the key concepts explaining transaction types, cryptography, blockchain protocol, core server/node running modes and more:

What is ARK?

The ARK Ecosystem allows blockchain developers to customize a sovereign blockchain complete with required feature sets. ARK’s value proposition lies in the array of services offered through the ARK Blockchain Platform.

These services include interconnection with different blockchains, seamless integration of custom business logic, flexible development of tailored transaction types, and access to a global, community support system - all rooted in an intuitive development experience.

It is not an ERC-20 token, but is a platform built from ground up with speed, stability and a modular design for future improvements and connectivity. ARK has quietly been at work building an actual modular platform that empowers you to easily deploy your own blockchain, build blockchain applications and interconnect with other blockchains, all with our easy to use tools and SDKs

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