Setup Your Own Blockchain Explorer

How to setup a local blockchain explorer and browse the blockchain from a web application


This short guide will help you setup a local blockchain explorer. This will enable you to browse and search your local Testnet (or any other ARK based) blockchain from a web application (exactly the same as in our official Blockchain Explorer).

Blockchain Explorer communicates with the local Core node via the Public REST API interface, so make sure it is enabled (default value is enabled).

For production deployment and customisation options head over here:

STEP 1: Clone Official Explorer Repository

git clone
cd explorer

STEP 2: Install Package Dependencies

From the explorer root folder runyarn install command. This will build and install the required modules and packages.

STEP 3: Run Your Local Explorer

There are several run modes available for the Explorer package. You can run it as official Mainnet or Devnet explorer, or have it run as a simple local express server, it is up to your needs.

More detailed information about all possible running modes can be found in the Blockchain Explorer section.

For our simple task of viewing, browsing and searching the local Testnet blockchain, all we need to do is run the following command from the Explorer root folder:

yarn serve:testnet

This command will start the Explorer in dev mode and it will search for a localhost core node, that should be running on by default.

After running yarn serve:testnet command, you should see the following:

DONE Compiled successfully in 11030ms
No type errors found
Version: typescript 3.6.3
Time: 6973ms
App running at:
- Local: http://localhost:8080/
- Network:
Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, run yarn build.

Head over to http://localhost:8080/ to view contents of local running blockchain with Testnet environment setup.